Tia Meyers

Hello! I'm a social media consultant and founder of Freelancing Females.


Currently: Limited freelance consulting and strategy. Contact.

Upcoming: Speaker at CCNEKT, Her Conference & The Freelancer Conference.


jetBlue, Fiftythree, Grado Labs, LG.

Forbes, Lively, Being Freelance, Webflow, Fembot & more.


About Tia

Tia knows what it’s like to not get paid - turns out she’s not the only one. What started as a small group designed to discuss non-payment issues quickly grew into the world’s largest community of freelance women. Freelancing Females is a safe haven for all who identify as women to share their wins, loses, fears and knowledge in today’s growing “gig” economy.

Tia’s work first started managing events at JetBlue where she was taught the ins and outs of customer service, how to plan dinners for hundreds and the perfect placement of blue streamers. After, Tia managed Community at FiftyThree where she grew their Instagram by 450% and managed a community of 25 million artists, creatives and makers.

After working in social media for name brands like JetBlue, Grado Labs, FiftyThree, LG, and others, Tia used her experience to build Freelancing Females from the ground up. The organization originally had two employees. Tia, and Tia’s mom. Despite being a tad short staffed, Tia raised more than $31,000 in a crowdfunding campaign in less than two weeks, and grew the group to 25K members in less than two years.

If you want to find Tia, check any Brooklyn coffee shop. She loves to travel, pet everyone’s dog, works from everywhere and is basically living her best freelance life.


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