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Hi, I'm Tia

I’m a Freelance Social Media Specialist + Digital Marketing Consultant in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve worked with brands including JetBlue, FiftyThree and Grado Labs. During my time at these wonderful companies I saw the power of partnerships, community and social media. As a Marketing Professional, I love what I do and love to work with brands & people who feel the same.

You may have come here because…

  • You need someone to create and lead your content, community and social media efforts.
  • You’re looking to create strategic partnerships to build valuable relationships and expand your brand.
  • You misspelled Tia Mowry from Sister, Sister
  • Or something else!

Feel free to contact me if you're in the mood to build something great together.

Costa Vida, Ancolie, Lafayette, Morimoto, JetBlue,
ALOHA, Grado Labs, Otterbox, Samantha
Dion Baker, Casa Apicii,LG Signature, & more!

If you're interested in talking
about a project or to simply say
hello, please do get in touch.


Brooklyn, NY 11249



"I love working with Tia. She is very dedicated, takes beautiful pictures and has a professional attitude. She is always available, listen to your concerns and has great suggestion."
-Chloe Vichot, Founder, Ancolie
"Social media. Events. Partnerships. Tia builds connections to audiences and brands in gracious and effective ways. She lead several core social media channels for FiftyThree and started our events practice. Tia comes from a new crop of marketers that understands how to engage an audience in their language no matter where they are - online or offline. Along the way she will form brand partnerships to raise awareness, serve a community or celebrate people's work in the most beautiful way." 
- Georg Petschnigg, CEO and Co-Founder, FiftyThree
"In the three years that I've known Tia, I can easily say that she is one of the most talented coworkers I've had the opportunity of working with. Her close attention to detail and creative mindset make her a strong candidate for any organization."
- James Jadotte, Analyst, JetBlue
"Tia is an integral part of the Grado marketing and social media team. She helps create and push out content, all while keeping those creative sparks flying. When it comes to completing a task she is fierce, but is also very down to earth and helps our customers feel like they were part of the Grado family, which we value greatly."
- Grado Labs
"When we hire at that level, we don't expect to get fully-developed people. However, Tia immediately established herself as a strong player and someone who learned the business very quickly. With her marketing and web skills, she found multiple opportunities to improve our product display and SEO."
Marty St. George, Head of Commercial, JetBlue