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Lure People to Your Business Using Pokémon Go

If you were born around 1990 or ever picked up a Gameboy, you probably have a good sense of what the new Pokémon Go app is about. It's been sweeping the streets and falling into the hands of millennial and pre-teens alike, heck even my non-digital grandmother knows about it. But is the craze worth looking into for your business or is it already on its way into a downfall?

Answer me one question, are you a small business or restaurant? If you answered yes, keep reading.

Just after the release, it dominated the appshere doubling and even tripling the amount of daily users Snapchat and Twitter have. But how can a business benefit from a game? Well there are a few ways...

What is Pokémon Go first of all?

Pokémon go is a free mobile gaming app for iPhone and Adroid. A user uses their phone's GPS to detect where Pokémon creatures are. The game encourages you to move around to capture Pokémon and challenge other users on a different team to "battles".

1. Buy a Lure

In the app, a business or person can buy a Lure. Lures increase the number of Pokémon for that given location for 30 minutes. Anyone who is playing around you will be able to see that lure and will be drawn towards your location. 



Let's break it down:

  • 1 lure costs 100 coins, 100 coins cost $0.99
  • You can also buy an 8 pack of lures which costs 680 coins, 680 coins cost $6.73
  • 1 module lasts 30 minutes, so you will be paying around $1.68/hour.

How to activate a lure:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap "Shop"
  3. Scroll down to "Lures" and make a purchase.
  4. Go back into the app, tap the red "Pokéball", then tap "Items".
  5. Tap on "Lure" to activate.

2. Use a PokéStop to your advantage.

Players are drawn to Pokéstops or Gyms without any effort on a business. Players gather around Pokéstops to collect rewards and to Gyms to battle other players. If your business is lucky enough to end up in the territory of a Pokéstop, you've received the golden ticket to more foot traffic. Businesses can use this to their advantage by offering deals to Poké players by giving out a free drink with purchase or 10% off. Make sure the sign is very visible to passerby's.

3. Promote your Pokémon on Social.

Have you or any of your staff found Pokémon roaming around your business? Upload a photo to your social media channels to get players to head over to your store to catch it. You can sweeten the deal by offering a reward if a fellow Poképlayer snaps a picture in your store and uploads it to their own social media channels.

Anything else I should know?

If you aren't already near a Pokéstop or Gym, have no fear. You can still get in on the fun. According to Niantic's CEO, sponsored locations are coming. This will allow businesses and retailers to be featured on the game's virtual map, drawing more consumers to the location.

For now, you can try submitting a request to become a Pokestop or Gym here.

Good luck catching them all!