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Tia is a Social Media and Marketing Consultant who aims to create a unique culture revolving around each brand while making her client's lives better.


Costa Vida

Costa Vida is one of the fastest growing restaurant franchises with over 92 locations. Tia oversaw a revamp of all Digital efforts and Franchise Marketing tactics as Costa Vida’s Marketing Consultant including a new social media strategy and first-ever franchise opening strategy. Simultaneously, Tia worked to bring all Franchise partners on to a platform where they could stay in-the-know of all social happenings, restaurant reviews and grab from a library of planned content. Through this, Franchise partners were able to keep corporate updated with town happenings, host stronger in-house marketing campaigns and track their advertising dollars. 

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Role: Freelance Social Media Manager



At JetBlue, Tia focused on the directing and planning of all nationwide events for the company. The largest event she planned was JetBlue's Mint class launch, JetBlue's take on the first class experience. She also nurtured the relationship between JetBlue & Grado that led to their Mint partnership. 

Location: Long Island City, NY
Role: Corporate Communications & Event Planning

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At a company who hasn’t advertised since 1964, Tia works with Grado on their brand's social presence and through key partnerships including JetBlue, Skillshare, Brooklyn Kitchen & more.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Role: Freelance Marketing Consultant


All Clients

JetBlue, Costa Vida, Morimoto, Ancolie, FiftyThree, Grado Labs, Lafayette, Protiva, Fluent City, Samantha Dion Baker & More


Panelist Speaker - HerCampus

Podcast Guest - The Process Podcast

Digiday - FiftyThree

Engadget - Grado x JetBlue

Eater - Ancolie


Tia comes from a new crop of marketers that understands how to engage an audience in their language no matter where they are - online or offline.
— Georg Petschnigg, CEO FiftyThree
Tia was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of both Instagram and Facebook were unparalleled.
— Timothy Moran, VP Aevum Life Science
I am so grateful for all that she has done for my business. She is patient, talented, charming, reliable, and just so good at everything she touches. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Samantha Dion Baker, SDB Design

Hi, I'm Tia

A Freelance Social Media Specialist + Digital Marketing Consultant in Brooklyn, NY.

If you've gotten this far, it isn't because you misspelled Tia Mowry from Sister, Sister. So let me introduce myself. My work as a Social Media and Marketing Consultant has included brands such as Grado Labs, JetBlue, Costa Vida, Morimoto and more. I not only aim to give a consistent voice and personality to each brand I'm involved with, but also to create a unique culture revolving around each one.

I get to know the brands I work with in-and-out to help develop goals & values that work specifically for your company. To do this, I strive to bring loyalty and authenticity showcased through engaging and organic content, strong community involvement, and events.




-Squarespace Website Creation

Social Media

-Social Media Strategy
-Social Media Management
-Community Management
-Facebook Group Consulting & Management
-Influencer Marketing & Outreach

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