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I believe combining passions and purpose with like-minded companies can spark new ideas. When diverse points of view are given space to grow, unexpected connections are made that enable innovation, and unleash ideas. Partnerships help companies build valuable relationships with one another, and their users. See the partnerships I've built below. 

JetBlue x Grado

During my time at JetBlue, I facilitated the JetBlue and Grado partnership. Grado labs partnered with JetBlue to become the official headphone of their new Mint class, and still is to this day. See the full story here: Grado x JetBlue

Grado Artist Series

Grado, a Brooklyn-based headphone company, teamed up with FiftyThree on the “Grado Artist Series”. 

The FiftyThree community was asked to remix one of three prompts: the future of audio, sounds of their city, or their favorite song for a chance to win a limited-edition print of their creation (also included inside 500 boxes of Grado headphones), a set of Grado headphones, and a Pencil. 

Over 1,000 remixes were received from creators all over the world.  Qing Yu, a creator all the way from Hangzhou, China won with his creation, “Colorful City”.

FiftyThree x Vox

Vox Media, Inc hosted the first of a new dinner series for the creators, innovators and critics of new media. During the dinner, Paper was used to illustrate answers to the very open-ended question: What’s next? See the article here: A Dinner for the Creators.

FiftyThree x RED

(RED) issued a custom prompt to the Paper community to help raise awareness for The Global Fund. The campaign lasted 14 days, and FiftyThree saw 6,000 remixes from participants in more than 100 countries.

Through the sale of custom red Paper Toolkits, over $120K was raised to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

FiftyThree x GE

As part of their ongoing work to understand the brain, the neuroscience team at General Electric teamed up with FiftyThree to ask creators, “How would you visualize the vast potential of the human brain?” 

FiftyThree hosted a space on Mix to share ideas and insights, while FiftyThree employee, Tony Wu, became the live illustration of thinking with Pencil and Paper in a short film. 

FiftyThree x Skillshare

FiftyThree and Skillshare partnered on two 45-minute classes with data visualization designer Catherine Madden and fashion designer Shantell Martin. In these classes, the FiftyThree and Skillshare community were able to learn simple drawing techniques. Each class received over 7,000 students. 

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