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At Ancolie, a fast-casual French restaurant nestled in West Village, I manage all Digital Marketing. In just 5 months, I grew Ancolie by over 5K followers.

Role: Social Media Management & Marketing, Photography, Content Creation
Timeline: Nov '16 - March '17

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For this French cafe in NYC, I was called in to produce photos for their holiday dessert menus. 

Role: Photographer


Co-produced with Jonathan Grado

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At jetBlue, I focused on the directing and planning of all nationwide events for the company. The largest event I planned was JetBlue's Mint class launch, JetBlue's take on the first class experience. It was a 4 day event at The Grove in Los Angeles consisting of a rooftop concert, VIP lounge, and pop-up shop where customers were able to try aperitifs that would be in the cabin, test the seats and enjoy the Mint experience without even leaving the ground. 

Role: Event Planning & Marketing

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In the three years that I’ve known Tia, I can easily say that she is one of the most talented coworkers I’ve had the opportunity of working with.
— James Jadotte, Analyst, JetBlue

During my time, I directed the planning and execution of over 20 corporate events including conferences, corporate dinners, destination launches and Mint Class launch ranging from 50  to 10,000 guests.



After college, I joined Grado Labs as an Independent Consultant to help with their marketing and social media efforts. At Grado, I manage and tailor brand presence across digital and social channels, develop social media campaigns, photography, and strategic partnerships.

Role: Independent Marketing Consultant


At Grado, I facilitated the JetBlue x Grado partnership, their largest partnership to date. 

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At FiftyThree I managed partnerships, social media channels and directed the planning and execution of nationwide events. During my time, I was responsible for outreach, cultivation and relationship management with outside brands. I also kicked off a nationwide events series called Remixers, started FiftyThree Instagram takeovers which gained recognition, and grew the Instagram community by 450% and Facebook and Twitter by over 50% within one year. 

Role: Partnerships & Community Manager


While running FiftyThree's social media, followers grew by over 400%.

Tia comes from a new crop of marketers that understands how to engage an audience in their language no matter where they are - online or offline. She builds connections to audiences and brands in gracious and effective ways.
— Georg Petschnigg, CEO and Co-Founder, FiftyThree

I oversaw a community that spanned over 210 countries and territories.


I ran over 62 Instagram takeovers during my time at FiftyThree.

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A person’s signature is their identity, their essence — it encapsulates who they are and what they stand for. It’s a quality at every person’s core, and it’s why people are always striving to find more about what it means.

For LG's new Signature Launch, we partnered with influencers from fashion/cuisine/storytelling subject-matter experts to relevant arts figures and everyone in between to help share their own personal signatures and create a universal call-to-action for everyone to find their own using the LG SIGNATURE Analyzer. 

Role: Social Media Launch Strategy

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