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Social Media

Social Media

Sharing ideas can create powerful connections that stretch across cultures and continents. I believe social media not only provides a place for sharing, but a chance to be part of a conversation. see How I've built valuable relationships with customers and more of my work below.

The amount I grew Fitythree's Instagram followers within one year.

Number of countries and territories I've interacted with.

Number of Instagram takeovers I've planned.

Platforms I've worked on, including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Mailchimp, and Wordpress.

Put It On Paper Campaign

With the release of Paper 2.0 and a move towards productivity, it was time for a new chapter in Paper. Everything was re-imagined for the release including a new app icon, social media brand voice and creative assets. For the campaign, a teaser website was created where users could sign up to be notified of the release, a 60-second video showed a quick snapshot of the new possibilities within Paper and gifs were created to showcase the newest features on social. With such a large change to the app, awareness was most important with the existing community. The campaign not only received over 2 million new users, it kept retention rates high with the 17 million community members already using Paper. 


FiftyThree Instagram Takeovers

At FiftyThree, I created a call-to-action inviting makers and creators across the globe to tell their story. Each weekend; an artist, designer or maker who used Paper would take over the account to show the community their life and work through pictures. These takeovers became a big hit and helped FiftyThree grow their following exponentially by always have fresh content, new perspectives and tapping into other's communities. 

FiftyThree x Buzzfeed

FiftyThree partnered with Buzzfeed Art Director, Chris Rittle, on Buzzfeed's DIY Facebook page to create a quick video tutorial that utilized Paper to create quick hand-lettering techniques. The video received over 500K views and 4.5K shares. Check out the tutorial here

JetBlue - Know Before You Go

At JetBlue, I wrote and edited the Know Before You Go Campaign. Customers could visit the site to read a quick snapshot of things to do, see & eat before deciding on the perfect JetBlue Getaway.

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